When to Contact an Orlando Accident Lawyer: Key Factors to Consider

When to Contact an Orlando Accident Lawyer_ Key Factors to Consider

Car accidents in Orlando are common occurrences, and there are not two similar car accident cases or personal injury claims in Orlando. Each comes with unique challenges and complications; thus, no one can predict the time to resolve car accident cases. If you feel stuck with your car accident claim or just met with a car accident, you should talk to an experienced Orlando accident lawyer to navigate the case to your benefit. Please read the article as we discussed the key factors where you realize the value of having an experienced car accident lawyer by your side.


What is the right time to contact an Orlando accident lawyer?


The straight answer to the question: Immediately after a serious collision.


Undoubtedly, you need expert support to navigate the claim and strengthen your case. Any skilled Orlando car accident attorney would possess advanced technologies such as event data recorders and technologies used to determine the speed of the at-fault’s vehicle.


With these technologies, skilled attorneys collect the evidence faster to support your claim or even help present better arguments with the at-fault’s insurance companies.
Especially when you are unaware of legal rights and regulations, you can’t afford to lose your capacity to acquire damages for your injuries. Otherwise, the at-fault driver might turn the table against you, and you might have to face double the pressure without fault on your side.


Situations when you can’t do without an Orlando accident lawyer:


● The at-fault driver was influenced by drug/alcohol:


Do you know that 11,634 people were killed in road accidents in 2020 because of alcohol-impaired drivers? It accounted for about 30% of traffic-related deaths in the year in the US. https://www.cdc.gov/transportationsafety/impaired_driving/impaired-drv_factsheet.html#:~:text=Every%20day%2C%2029%20people%20in,involve%20an%20alcohol%2Dimpaired%20driver.&text=This%20is%20one%20death%20every%2050%20minutes.&text=The%20annual%20cost%20of%2 The number has increased with about 14.3% from 2019. Therefore you can’t let negligent drivers take a toll on your lives.


● When you can’t establish the negligent driver’s fault:


The primary and crucial step in handling a car accident case is determining the fault of the negligent driver. You might suffer a lot when you are unaware of the local laws and struggle to speak English.
Insurance companies play unfair games a lot to safeguard their business. The authority who took the details from the location to write the report will not work for you in collecting evidence to support your case. Therefore there is no better choice than having an experienced Orlando car accident attorney by your side.


Do you know you have all the right to refuse the lowball offers from at-fault insurance companies? However, you need a car accident lawyer with potent problem-solving and impressive negotiating skills.


● You can’t determine the damages you are owed:


You have been admitted to the hospital, and you feel good after a couple of days in the hospital. You feel relieved that it didn’t cost you much. You assume that you will return to work after a while. Are there any qualifying damages you are owed?


You might not know until you speak with the experienced Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys.


If you have been involved in an accident that caused you severe injuries, you might miss out on some aspects where you deserve compensation. They ensure they cover every aspect of your losses and that they are legally recoverable. Consider the aspects that you might miss when you handle the case yourself


● Medical costs: Doctor’s appointments, expensive medical procedures, ambulance trips, surgeries, prescription drugs, therapies, and the cost of the devices you need to recuperate from the surgery.


● Lost wages: The number of days you had to sit at home due to the injury which cost you loss of wages, and how it affected your family. The situation differs if you were the breadwinner of the family.


● Decreased earning ability: They analyze if you have acquired severe long-term injuries that prevent you from performing your workplace duties efficiently. They also record or collect your communication with your employer to use as a shred of evidence to support your case.


A well-established car accident attorney works with their investigators to collect evidence to support your case. When you are taken to a situation of filing a lawsuit, an experienced Orlando Car Accident Attorney helps in navigating the difficult and confusing process. They know the important legal deadlines that you must meet. Working to meet deadlines is a crucial factor, and you cannot handle yourself without an expert by your side.


They collect necessary documents, medical bills, your conversation with your employer, reduced productivity, and other factors to mention while settling the claim. You may not think of some hidden factors in the stress and pressure surrounding you. Therefore, even if you have reasonable experience in handling legal issues or your losses are minimal, consult a car accident attorney to get the maximum benefits.




Most car accident cases are resolved before the victim files their claim in court, where the reasons are unable to bear pressure due to the complications in legal procedures. Indeed, court trials are serious business; you need a strong legal representative to get maximum benefits. You need solid evidence to prove the injuries caused by the negligent driver and the financial loss you have incurred. Therefore there is no better approach than hiring a car accident attorney to deal with your tragedy.

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