Who We Are

Louis Berk Law is a personal injury law firm in Orlando, Florida. With over a decade of combined experience and millions of dollars recovered for our clients, we seek to protect and serve the people against the big insurance giants.

The team at Louis Berk Law is dedicated to representing clients involved in car accidents, motorcycle collisions, bike crashes, semi-truck accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, trip and fall, and a variety of other personal injury cases.


Louis Berk Law was started with one thought in mind, to PROTECT individuals against big insurance companies. For years and years insurance companies have taken full advantage of injured victims. They don’t care if you have been a paying customer for a decade or if it has been only a week. They don’t care about your gender, race, religion, or educational background. We at Louis Berk Law vow to have your back and protect you against these evil companies. Since it was founded Louis Berk Law has represented thousands of clients and recovered millions and millions of dollars.


Hiring an Attorney is one of the most important things that somebody can do after a car accident. There are many firms out there but they are not all equal. Most firms just settle whatever low offer they get. Many of those law firms won’t even file a law suit and even less will take your case to trial. At Louis Berk Law we will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of our clients. If the insurance companies are playing around, we will file a lawsuit and if in litigation we can’t resolve your case then we will take your case to trial. Don’t put your life in some stranger that only thinks about themselves, work with a law firm that has your best interest in mind.


At Louis Berk Law our clients are our family. Over the life of the case, we build a familial bond that lasts forever. Whether the case lasts a few weeks or a few years we stay in constant communication with each one of our clients. Attorney Louis Berk believes there is nothing in this world stronger than family. Just know that you are family here at Louis Berk Law and we have your back.


Trust isn’t a word that you throw around. Trust is a word that we earn with our clients every single day. We do that by working hard, being honest and not giving in to the low offers insurance companies make. Since 2014, Attorney Louis Berk has been trusted by thousands of clients and recovered millions of dollars. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and continue our quest to protect individuals against big insurance companies.