When Gravity Takes its Toll: How an Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

When Gravity Takes its Toll How an Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

Slip and fall accidents are common, but they can impact someone’s life terribly. Such accidents add a lot more hassle to someone’s everyday life. Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.


So many factors could play roles behind the slip and fall accidents in places, be it a wet or oily floor or loose mats at shopping malls, hotel lobbies, restaurants, stores, bars, etc. As per the report by National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), among 8 million Fall cases, Slip and Fall causes result in more than 1 million hospital emergency room visits. Most fall injuries at home happen on the ground, not from a height.


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Slips and falls can cause serious injuries, leading to a long-time recovery process and expensive medical bills. Such accidents might seem trivial mishaps initially, but they can change a person’s life.


Now, What to Do After You Are Hit by A Slip-and-Fall Accident?


Take first-aid and immediate medication as necessary, and next, rush to a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit against the liable party/s. One might find it difficult to get the solution to the accident. The Orlando Slip and Fall Attorneys at Louis Berk Law Group can take up your personal injury case and navigate through it from scratch to the end.


Don’t Take On the Case Alone


You might not feel injured initially in slip-and-fall accidents, but that is not what you should do. Dealing with a slip-and-fall accident case on your own can be very expensive in the long run if not taken care of on time. The insurance companies are never gonna pay you fair compensation if you proceed to handle the case without the help of an experienced attorney. Assistance from our attorneys can guide you through the insurance process.


How Can A ‘Slip and Fall’ Accident Happen?


You can counter an accident due to the negligence of another party, be it an individual or a business. A slip-and-fall attorney offers complete guidance in fighting your case and helps you get the compensation you deserve. The reasons behind such accidents can include,


● Poor lighting
● Spilled liquids, be it water, oil, or soap water
● Uneven surfaces/Loose mats
● Elevator accidents
● Equipment malfunctions


Whether an accident happens due to the negligence of another individual or business, a slip-and-fall attorney can help you fight for your rights. Our Louis Berk Law attorneys can help you get the right compensation for your losses.


What Does An Attorney Do After A Slip and Fall Accident?


It is one thing to say that there has been a violation of the “duty of care,” but it takes much effort to prove it. According to Florida Law, the injured party must prove their injuries were caused by the negligence of another party. Half of the accidental deaths at home are caused by falls. In such cases, Florida Wrongful Death Attorneys are here to assist you with your legal procedure.


The good news is that Louis Berk Law is here to help. We have decades of experience, expertise, and resources to prove your slip and fall due to the negligence of others. Among the ways the attorneys can help you,


● Locate the insurance coverage and identify the defendants                ● Talk to the insurance company
● Collect the evidence
● Get informed of your medical care and losses
● Build a strong case for you to show how and why the defendant was negligent


What you should do after a slip and fall accident to strengthen the lawsuit,


● Get immediate medical assistance
● Ask for an incident report
● Collect witnesses
● Take pictures of the place


Private and public locations like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, movie theatres, or office buildings must fulfill their legal duty to protect their premises from danger. If they fail, consequences are there.


Who Could be the Liable Parties?


In most cases, a property owner is responsible for a slip-and-fall case. It is one’s responsibility to take care of the visitors and maintain their safety on the premises. Unfortunately, when one violates the duty, they turn up to be negligent. You can file a claim against the homeowner or the property owner and get the proper compensation from the insurance company.


The parties responsible for your slip and fall accident might include,


1. Property management companies
2. A third party at the workplace
3. It can as well include a municipality, like a county, city, or state


Alert! Insurance Companies are not your Friend.


Insurance companies are quite aware that the victims of slip and fall accidents claim compensation and go to court. Mostly, insurance companies try to use the claims against you without protecting your interests. It is advisable to consult your Orlando Slip and Fall Attorneys before delivering any information to your insurance companies. The insurer might cut off your future healthcare expenses from the compensation you receive. Let the attorneys handle your slip-and-fall case and help you get a fair compensation amount.


To wrap up,


Slip and fall injuries can take a part of your life away, but don’t let this happen. If you get critical injuries due to a slip and fall accident and want to move forward with your accident or injury case, connect with us at Louis Berk Law Group. Our attorneys don’t charge a single penny until you win the compensation. We offer free consultations with our slip-and-fall personal team.

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