What Happens When You Reject Your First Settlement Offer

What Happens When You Reject Your First Settlement Offer

After you have been in a personal injury accident, the driver’s insurance company is responsible for the insurance claim. When you deal with insurance agencies, you must remember that the insurance companies place money over the policyholders. You cannot expect them to offer a fair deal in any case. Insurance companies do their best to pay less compensation than the victim deserves. It might not meet all the expenses for the present as well as for the future.


On the other hand, after you have been in a personal injury mishap due to someone else’s fault, the physical pain and suffering, mental stress and trauma, emotional distress, loss of income, loss of enjoyment, and loss of companionship are the significant issues that impact the victim the most. Under such circumstances, if you find that the compensation the insurance company offers you is lowball, don’t accept the offer.


There are ways to analyze the first offers, calculate the settlement value, and seek legal assistance from your personal injury attorney. Now, be it a car, truck, or pedestrian accident, slip and fall, workplace accident, animal attack, or wrongful death case, you need sharp legal assistance to navigate the accident case. Irrespective of how you will proceed, you need a careful and thorough analysis of your situation when you claim compensation.


Assess the First Offer


An insurance adjuster’s offer considers various elements of your compensation claim. A low settlement offer can turn in due to many potential reasons. The insurer might not have all the information about your physical injuries, medical costs, loss of property, and loss of income. They might feel they can win the case due to the circumstances of your accident. A low settlement offer can be a simple settlement tactic.


A thorough study of the information sent to the insurer might help you better understand the insurance adjuster’s position. It strengthens your position as a negotiator. In case you have been injured in a personal injury truck accident, check your written response with a Florida truck accident attorney to ensure that you don’t undermine the value of your compensation claim.


Estimate the Worth of Your Settlement Value


You need to estimate how much compensation you can receive for your losses after you have been in an accident. You can calculate your compensation by counting medical bills, lost income, and rehabilitation costs. The victim is rightfully entitled to receive compensation for these economic damages. The costs are added to the total worth. You are entitled to receive compensation for the non-economic damages, but the calculation is not an easy process. You can also receive compensation for the loss of your future income. An experienced personal injury attorney should be at your back to determine how much compensation you should receive for these damages.


Don’t Accept the Settlement Offer


In case you are driving a car on a clear road and a reckless driver bashes your vehicle from behind. Who pays your everyday expenses? Who pays your rent when you cannot work? Suddenly, you get a call from an insurance agent who tells you that they have good news for you and offer you compensation.


The offer is sound as the amount helps you pay for your expenses until you recover. In any case, the initial offer made by the insurance is less than what you deserve. If you agree to this settlement, you won’t get fair compensation. The insurance adjuster makes a lowball offer so they can save themselves from paying a bigger amount. They are aware of the fact that personal injury victims are desperate to accept any offer without understanding the actual worth of their injuries. A Florida car accident attorney firmly stands by your side when you have been in a car accident and seeks compensation from the at-fault party.


Take the Settlement Claim to the Court


The personal injury victim can pursue an injury case when the insurance settlement offer is highly below the belt. You can also file a lawsuit if any discussion or negotiation fails. Consider the value of your case and the policy limits to check whether your case is worth the persuasion of a lawsuit.


When the compensation calculation is done before the court, the insurance adjuster becomes more reasonable. You can present your judgment against the insurance company. With that, the lawsuit is also exposed to the risk of losing your case. In addition, the extra litigation costs might mean the insurance company wants to avoid reaching a settlement. A Florida car or truck accident attorney can communicate well with you and the insurance company to get you fair compensation for all your losses.


Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney


Whether you are in the initial stages of settlement negotiations or you have been stuck in a situation with the insurance adjuster, you must consult a personal injury attorney to get the claim. Our team of skilled attorneys at Louis Berk Law advises you whether the compensation you seek is fair and it meets your damages. We offer a free consultation. We fight for you on a contingency basis. You won’t have the risk of loss from our end. You will pay only when we win.


Final Reflections


Rejecting your first settlement offer in Florida is a decision that requires careful consideration. It requires your case’s specific details and the extent of your damages. By assessing the initial offer, estimating your settlement value, refusing inadequate offers, and seeking legal representation, you empower yourself to pursue fair compensation for the harm you’ve endured. Always remember that the legal system is designed to protect your rights, and with the right guidance, you can navigate it successfully to achieve a just resolution. So rejection always doesn’t turn into sorrow; sometimes, it can be a harbinger of a new dawn, a brighter future.

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