Understanding Car Accident Laws in Orlando: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding Car Accident Laws in Orlando Your Rights and Responsibilities

When you have so much to juggle after your accident, you can’t focus on the legal procedures, let alone take it orderly. Don’t undermine the expert’s perspective that has reached the nook and corner of Orlando laws and terms to get the maximum recovery. This article speaks about laws in Orlando and how accidents are compensated. Please read the article to understand the rules and their potential to get you out of the harsh situation, but never hesitate to contact a Orlando based car accident attorney after the accident, even when you feel you are in a safe spot.


The requirement to report the accident:


Florida laws mandate the driver report the accident to the police department when the accident results in the following:


● Death
● Injury
● Property damage of $500 or above


If the accident resulted in any of these occurrences outside the boundaries of a municipality, the accident should be reported to the country sheriff, highway patrol, or the closest police station. If the accident doesn’t meet the requirements above, the drivers can complete the “driver report of Traffic Crash,” which is termed a “self-report” or “Driver exchange of Information that can be found on the FLHSMV website.


The no-fault law:


Florida has introduced the no-fault law to reduce the congestion at the courts and increase the efficiency in receiving medical aid and reduce automobile insurance premiums. You get the advantage of covering your damages with your insurance policy even when you are at fault.


However, when you suffer injuries that go beyond the policy coverage, and you were not at fault, you can file a claim against the defendant based on Florida Statute 627.737. In that case, your injuries will be categorized based on any of the following factors:


● Death
● long-term loss or significant loss of crucial bodily function
● Long-term scarring
● Permanent injury


Suppose you have limited knowledge to decide whether to file a claim against the insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company. In that case, you should speak to a skilled car accident attorney in Orlando. Yes, deciding these factors could be difficult at times, and you may not know what to do next.


Understand the compensation system in Orlando:


The compensation system for car accidents in Orlando works on the basis of the severity of injuries you acquire. There are requirements to categorize your injury under the “serious injury threshold.”


When you prove that you have sustained a serious injury, you are approved to propose a viable personal injury case against the defendant. The “tort threshold,” which is also called as “serious injury threshold,” requires one to meet any of these conditions according to the Floridian statute:


● Significant or permanent loss of your bodily function or body part
● Irreversible injuries
● Significant scarring or disfigurement
● Death
● A considerable degree of medical probability of death


When you meet these requirements, you can bring in your claim for non-economic damages.


However, the jury decides whether or not you qualify for any of these conditions. You can’t overlook the importance of covering the non-economic damages. If you take the help of the Orlando Personal Injury Attorney, who understands the lengths and breadths of the tort threshold, you can get the most-deserving compensation for the factors such as age, your annual earnings, your future earning potential, and the severity of your injuries. The pain, suffering, mental anguish, loss of wages, and other factors are rewarded when you prove your liability and any of the above mentioned conditions.


Therefore a skilled car accident attorney is indispensable to prove another driver’s negligence.


Legal ways to follow up on the tort threshold:


The non-economic damages are covered based on the extent of your injuries. Therefore a legitimate Orlando Personal Injury Attorney assists you across varied ways to prove your eligibility to meet the tort threshold. They help you in seeking medical professionals and track the progress of the extent of your injuries. They also ensure that you leave no gaps in your treatment.


They present a solid argument to show how you’re affected by the accident by collecting the documents related to your medical follow-ups.


A skilled car accident attorney assists by retaining the essential documents related to your impact on your profession. You may forget to collect or have the documents necessary to prove your time off from work due to the injury. But a skilled car accident attorney never fails anything related to evidence to support your claim.


They use any piece of legitimate evidence to strengthen the case, which includes:


● Police reports
● Receipts for the services acquired due to the accident
● Medical bills
● Contact information of witnesses
● Pictures or videos of the accident scene.


Do you know that your communication history with your employer can work for you? Therefore it is essential to keep these documents organized. Still, you may doubt accepting the compensation offered by insurance adjusters. Never take them without discussing them with your Orlando Personal Injury Attorney.




Proving your liability could be more complex, even when you feel everything’s in place. When you could get a maximum of your damages covered, why not take advantage of that? Some of the skilled car accident attorneys in Orlando, like Louis berk law love to speak with you regarding your case. If you are more comfortable in Spanish, they are the right professionals to get you what you deserve.

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