Things Not to Say to Your Car Insurance Adjuster

Things Not to Say to Your Car Insurance Adjuster

It is, indeed, scary to meet a deadly car accident. If you have been in a car accident in the state of Florida and sustained severe injuries, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. After the accident, it is essential to take care of your injuries first, and then, you must contact a prominent law firm with a team of expert personal injury attorneys. In some cases, the accident victims and their family members try to contact the car insurance adjuster to have a preview of the compensation they can secure in the course. The car accident lawyers at Louis Berk Law are committed to representing you before the law and obtaining you the compensation you deserve against your personal injury cases. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos after the car accident, car insurance adjusters try to take advantage of the victim’s vulnerable situation and say or do things that adversely affect the car accident case down the lane.


It is always advisable to discuss a seasoned car accident attorney before you speak to your insurance adjuster. When dealing with your insurance adjuster or adjusters, you can inform them that an experienced legal expert is representing you so they understand that you know your rights. The Spanish speaking personal injury attorneys at Louis Berk cater to the accident victims with Hispanic backgrounds, ending the language barrier. However, let’s look into aspects that you cannot reveal or say before your insurance adjusters.


Things You Can’t Say to Your Car Insurance Adjuster/s After A Car Accident


Admitting Your Fault


Car accident cases are really complex. It might seem the fault was yours, but a number of situational factors can relieve you of your fault, even if you had some. Before you speak to your attorney, you should not admit your fault before anyone, especially the car insurance adjusters. It is best to contact Louis Berk Law for a free consultation to be guided on the right path. If you intentionally or unintentionally admit any fault, it would be very challenging for you to prove another party’s fault in the long run.


Talking About the Seriousness of Car Accidents


Car crash injuries range from minor to fatal, including neck and back damage, burns, traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, broken bones, joint injury, disability, disfigurement, whiplash, paralysis, spinal cord damage, and many more. However small the injury seems, you should not say things like “I’m fine” or “I’ll be better with time.” It is always recommended to over-dramatize your current situation, as with claims with minor or slight injuries, you cannot receive the sound compensation you deserve, but do not exaggerate, as it might negatively impact your case. Keep the most vital information within and only reveal the information that won’t affect your claim.


Sharing Medical Records


Never share your medical records with important information about your car accident injuries, the treatment you have received, and the costs you have spent. Your car insurance adjusters might use the medical records against you to deprive you of your deserved compensation. If it benefits your claim any day, your Orlando car accident attorney will do the job.


Revealing Names


Insurance adjusters try to collect vital information such as names and contact details of you and your family members or the people who have been there at the time of the accident. The companies may contact them and try to bring out some more information about the accident. If an adjuster asks for such information, decline and let them deal with your personal injury attorney.


Speculating on the Accident


You may have ideas or speculations on why the accident happened, who is to blame, and the amount of damage. Insurance adjusters may encourage you to think deeply about what happened. You must not do that.


Official documents like police reports, medical documents, and other documents will reflect how the crash occurred. An experienced car accident attorney helps you receive the settlement amount you deserve. You don’t need to assume what happened before the insurer. If you have thoughts, you can keep them within.


Giving Statements On Record


In case the insurance agent wants to record your words, never allow it. Insurance adjusters want you to say things that might negatively impact your case. And, if your conversation is on record, your attorney cannot prove it otherwise, though the information is incorrect. If you get a call from your insurance adjuster, and they offer the disclaimer that the call would be recorded and it is compulsion, decline the call and contact our Spanish speaking personal injury attorneys.


Do not Offer Unnecessary Information


It is safest to think that any information can be used against you during the legal procedure. Therefore, you can share only the basics of the information about the car accident case with the insurance adjuster. It is important to remember that if you reveal any information that might be used against your case, it will be a loss forever.


Final Reflections


After you have been in a car accident, you must contact a personal injury attorney to navigate you through your car accident case. An experienced attorney will look into every aspect of the case and review all the details and information related to the car accident case. They can help you with your car accident claim and receive the best compensation. Don’t waste any more time after experiencing a car accident, and directly consult a personal injury attorney at Louis Berk Law.

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