The legal process after a car accident: What you need to know

The legal process after a car accident_ What you need to know

The aftermath of a car accident in Orlando can be overwhelming, especially with the physical and emotional stress involved. While navigating the legal aspects may seem daunting, understanding the process can help you make informed decisions. That´s why the aid of a legal attorney is required. They can help you understand how to thrive in the complex legal system in Florida.


Florida law entitles victims in car accident cases to recover financial compensation from the responsible party. Yes, you can file a claim but you should understand how to maximize the compensation you could get. Insurance companies tend to offer lower compensations for what you truly deserve; this is where an Orlando car accident attorney can help us.


You must know your rights, understand the law, and take the right actions to ensure you get paid the money you deserve. It is also important to note that before filing the claim you must make sure you have not signed any legal document without the legal advice of your lawyer, this could compromise the amount of money you can receive or even crumble down your whole compensation.


Here is how you can take advantage of your compensation by doing the following steps:


1. Get medical assistance as soon as possible:


Your health is the primary concern, if something happens to you, all the other tasks you consider most important immediately fall away because you won’t be able to do them. Obtaining compensation from the insurance company will only be possible with medical treatment. Insurance companies will want to see proof that your injuries are real and that they occurred in the car accident you’re claiming.


Seeking medical treatment ensures professional documentation of your injuries. Medical treatment also results in medical bills that prove you suffered financially from the car accident. Moreover, it provides clear information about the nature and extent of your physical harm.


Medical documentation also provides a timeline for your expected recovery and details about what further treatment you may need. This is particularly important when seeking damages to cover future medical expenses.


2. Gather evidence from the accident:


You’ll need evidence of the car accident and who is at fault to maximize your compensation. You can collect data from the other responsible party such as their license plate, their phone number, and names.


You can record yourself as the primary witness of the accident, telling how it happened and taking note of the things mentioned above. Traffic cameras and surveillance videos from nearby locations can help you a lot in gathering the information. Also you can collect information of witnesses, their names and numbers can help your case to have greater credibility.


Florida financial responsibility laws require you to file a claim with your PIP insurance before you can go after the other party for damages. PIP can cover up to 10.000$ in immediate medical treatment. The fault is not a factor in your claim, but if you have additional losses that are not covered under your PIP, you’ll need to file a third-party claim against the other driver to collect compensation.


3. Keep track of your expenses


Any financial costs that result from the car accident must be tracked. Save all your bills and bank statements if you spend money to treat your injuries resulted from the crash. This evidence will help you a lot in winning compensation. This includes medical expenses, reparation of your car, rehab, etc. You can recover compensation for all your accident-related economic losses.


4. Do Not Give A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Company


The other driver’s insurance company may contact you after the accident. Do not give a recorded statement. This is a strategy used against you during litigation. Do not sign any document without the legal advice of your Orlando car accident attorney.


Do not answer questions about your health, injuries, or how the accident happened. Do not admit fault or guilt in any situation. The insurance adjuster is trained to make you confess things that will help you lose your compensation.


In the better case, your attorney can communicate with the insurance company so that you don’t have to step into the situation alone. You may be required to give a recorded statement to your insurance company, but with the help of your lawyer this would be easier and safer.


Protect your rights: Do not accept offers at first instance


An insurance company’s initial offer rarely covers the real compensation for a car accident´s damage. Insurers will make you a low offer, hoping you will take it. Their goal is to save money from the insurance companies.


Even if you’ve shown proof of your losses, an insurance company may offer you less. Do not sign any papers. Wait for the advice of your attorney.


3 reasons why you need the legal assistance of an attorney


1. Effective Communication


A simple misunderstanding or wrong choice of words can make or break your case. Establishing open and clear communication with your lawyer is a crucial part of your defense. This leads to fewer mistakes and errors in legal documents and other records which means no room for misunderstandings, which means a higher success rate. Your lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system in a way that you can easily understand.


2. Trust and Reliability


Trust will naturally develop once your lawyer starts to successfully communicate your legal situation with you. On the other hand, reliability will come as you witness how your trusted Orlando truck accident attorney represents you in court.


3. Representation


Your attorney can effectively obtain witness testimonies to strengthen your claim and defend you. This diverse range of representation is what makes the kind of attorney essential to gaining compensation.


Key takeaways


Confidence and Communication in an attorney are keys, especially when it comes to handling personally sensitive cases. Having a strong sense of faith in your attorney — that they are representing you to the fullest and they understand what your goals are — is a part of the process that you can not take for granted.


If you’re seeking compensation for your car accident in Orlando, it’s important to seek legal representation soon after the car accident occurs. Hiring an experienced attorney quickly increases the chances of having a favorable outcome for your case.

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