Everything about Careless Driving According to Florida Laws

Careless driving classifies as a civil traffic offense in Florida. When driving a motor vehicle in Florida, you have to exercise reasonable care and precaution. When an individual fails to do so, it results in negligence on the part of the driver. Careless driving causes unsafe situations for those on the road and thus is considered an offense.


Careless driving can result in fines, license suspension, and additional civil penalties. If an accident occurs due to an individual’s careless and reckless driving, the driver might face more serious penalties.


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What Exactly is Careless Driving in Florida?


Careless driving is clearly defined in Florida Statute 316.19625. This statute has clear considerations that define careless driving.


Any person operating a motor vehicle on the streets and highways in Florida must follow some guidelines. He/she must operate the vehicle carefully and prudently. They must also regard the curves, width, grades, corners, etc. so that no life, limb, or property is endangered. Failure to drive following these protocols shall constitute careless driving.


Drivers who drive carelessly under this Florida Statute will be cited for a moving violation. The first offense calls for a punishment of four points on the offender’s driver’s license and a fine of up to $500. However, for different circumstances, the penalties might vary. For instance, one’s license might get suspended, and the insurance rates might increase. More severe cases involving property damages may be classified as first-degree misdemeanors and can result in potential jail time.


Owing to the broadness of the careless driving statute, many cases, including running at a stop sign, driving too slow in the left lane, and other minor traffic violations, can all come under careless driving. When officers are confused about the exact offense, they may use such a charge.


Difference Between Careless, Aggressive, and Reckless Driving in Florida


In Florida, careless driving, aggressive driving, and reckless driving fall under different categories of offenses, and the consequences differ. Careless driving involves a broad range of minor offenses. Aggressive careless driving classifies as a more serious offense, while reckless driving is a criminal offense.


Aggressive Careless Driving in Florida


When an individual fails to abide by the rules of Florida’s careless driving statute and also displays the following behaviors, it may qualify as aggressive careless driving in Florida.


● Driving above the speed limit
● Unsafe or improper lane-changing
● Passing another driver improperly
● Disobeying traffic signals
● Tailgating another vehicle


Aggressive careless driving has more severe consequences than careless driving, including additional points on the driver’s license, license suspension, and potential jail time.


Reckless Driving in Florida


Reckless driving in Florida can have more serious consequences, which can lead to even imprisonment. By definition, a reckless driver is one who disregards the safety of people and property on the road willfully. Speeding in an attempt to flee police, drag racing, and others are classified as reckless driving. The penalties for reckless driving in Florida include:


1. First-time offenders may be punished for up to 90 days of jail time with a $500 fine.

2. Second-time offenders may be punished with up to 6 months of jail time with a $1000 fine.

3. Damage to another person or property may result in 1-year jail time and up to a $1000 fine.


Also, if an individual charged with reckless driving causes bodily injury or death to another, it may result in severe penalties, including 5 years of jail time and $5,000 in fine amount. The individual may also face a lawsuit for damages.


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Florida statute clearly defines careless driving and the carelessness involved in such cases. Careless driving usually includes minor offenses and is charged with minimal penalties. However, aggressive and reckless driving in Florida involves more serious charges against the offender and may incur heavy penalties.

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