Everything a Lawyer can do for you in case of a truck accident

Everything a Lawyer can do for you in case of a truck accident

Every year, commercial trucks travel millions of miles on US highways. When driving at high speeds, these cars are very dangerous, and collisions with them can be fatal. Many people are killed or seriously injured in these collisions every year. It may be very expensive, painful, and difficult to recover from an accident with a commercial truck. This is the reason it is so important to have an experienced legal team fighting for your rights.


There are laws in Florida that make cases involving commercial trucks more complicated. In the entire country, this state has one of the highest rates of truck accidents. This shocking statistic emphasizes how important it is to have quality legal representation.


How To Get Help From A Florida Truck Accident Lawyer


Because of their huge size and weight, commercial trucks are dangerous to drive at any speed. Abrupt direction changes, traffic jams, bad weather, awful road conditions, and drunk drivers of passenger cars can all result in collisions. When harm happens, the people who are harmed frequently struggle to pay for their medical bills and other expenses. This is not a good place to be when learning about difficult trucking laws, court cases, and fraudulent insurance claim adjusters.


It is important to have legal representation because, without the support of a skilled truck accident attorney prepared to defend and fight for your rights throughout the Florida legal system, those rights may be readily violated. The Florida car accident attorney you select will assume this responsibility and fight back against dishonest insurance lawyers who regularly attempt to discredit your claim and reduce the amount of money victims are entitled to.


Recovering from an accident is made more difficult when large commercial trucks are involved.


There is often significant injury as a result of these crashes. Because of their frequent loading and high speeds, trucks require more power to stop after applying the brakes. As an illustration, in a collision including multiple cars, the truck’s vehicle may skid off the road while the driver attempts to recover control. Before the truck comes to a complete stop, it might hit more structures or objects.


Frequent Florida Truck Accident Types


Although not limited to them, the following categories apply to truck accidents:


Truck Rollovers: Several factors increase the risk of an accident resulting from speeding. After the truck makes a fast turn, the load on the trailer will be impacted by the wind. When balding tires, excessive cargo loading, and high speeds are combined, the risk of a truck rollover increases drastically. A rollover accident, in which the truck tips over onto its side, is the most common type of collision.


Jackknifes Accidents: Every year, jackknifes are a highly frequent type of truck accident happening on Florida roads. It is possible to explain this specific accident by the trailer’s propensity to move perpendicular to the tractor’s position. The trailer may jackknife before the driver can respond in a way that stops the movements.


Runaway Trucks: Truck drivers may lose control of their vehicles for many reasons. The truck is called a runaway once the process begins. For example, a truck may accelerate quickly if the driver forgets to engage the air brakes while descending a steep grade. Additionally, the truck may lose control of its course due to overheating disc brakes. The Jake brake won’t function if the truck driver loses control. There are many more situations in which a truck driver might be unable to stop a car that is on the loose. Because of its weight and speed, the vehicle can be hazardous to anyone nearby. Truck Accident attorney can help you get paid for losses brought on by injuries sustained in an accident.


Florida Truck Accident Injury Types


An increased percentage of injuries are caused by large truck accidents every year. The fact that truck accidents are causing an increasing number of injuries each year emphasizes how important it is to find legal counsel as soon as possible after a collision. Delays can be expensive because of the ratio of prepared truck accident lawyers to the volume of cases.


Legal representation is required for someone to be able to pay for medical expenses and other expenses incurred during events. Many injuries, more severe and costly to treat than those received in car accidents, can result from these truck crashes. Our Truck accident attorneys can guarantee that your claim is correctly filed and that you receive payment for all damages owed to you.


When a commercial truck gets involved in an accident, the following injuries are common:


● Death or disfigurement
● Broken bones
● Traumatic brain injury
● Spinal cord trauma
● Burns and severed limbs


Florida’s Liability Law for Truck Accidents


The goal of every Florida truck accident attorney is to establish the driver’s liability for the collision. This process is similar to that used in auto accidents, though much more difficult. In complicated scenarios where the trucking company, the insurance company, and other accident participants are involved, establishing liability may be challenging. The liability question is crucial because it establishes fault and establishes the appropriate amount of damages to be awarded to the victims.


Some responsibility for the collision could have to do with the following parties:


● Trucking company
● The truck driver
● The manufacturer of defective parts
● Third-party companies


Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida Fighting Insurance Companies


Insurance companies pay damage claims. These businesses will stop at nothing to avoid having to pay the full amount of the claim because they have an operational incentive to deny claims. Our Florida truck accident attorney at Louis Berk Law is your best line of defense against this unfair insurance system that pushes claims adjusters to minimize and deny the victims’ injuries. There are severe repercussions because truck accidents usually result in extremely serious injuries that require costly medical care. Since millions of dollars are settled in truck accident cases, you should feel confident in your attorney’s abilities.


Payments from insurance policies are required to pay for a range of costs:


● Medical diagnosis and care
● Ongoing treatment costs
● Pain and suffering
● Disability and disfigurement
● Wages lost through inability to work
● Loss of a loved one in a fatal crash, or wrongful death


Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney in Florida


Working with an expert Florida car accident attorney is essential to building your case and obtaining compensation. Evidence of errors, negligence, and other behaviors can support your position more strongly. It’s possible that the truck had an excessive or improper load on it. It is also important to consider driving while fatigued or under the influence of drugs. There’s a chance that the trucking company mistreated the car or made the driver put in more hours than was allowed.


If you are hurt in a Florida truck accident and believe you have no other options, don’t allow yourself to get worse. Throughout the whole process, our lawyers at Louis Berk Law will offer you advice and direction. You have rights, and ensuring that you receive the full amount of money due to your injuries is crucial to maintaining a promising future. Louis Berk Law’s staff will stand up for you and get you the money you’re entitled to. Get in touch with us right now so we can examine your case and begin defending you.

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