Dos and Don’ts after Suffering a Personal Injury

Dos and Don’ts After Suffering a Personal Injury

Personal injury accidents might leave devastating impacts on the injury victims. Be it a car accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, slip and fall accident, medical malpractice, wrong death cases, or any personal injury mishap, the immediate blow is hard to tackle. Our team of seasoned attorneys helps you understand the depth of your current situation and navigate through the personal injury case with sharp legal assistance. In a no-fault state like Florida, a personal accident victim is entitled to receive fair compensation for all the losses incurred.


If, unfortunately, you have been in a personal injury accident, you must follow a specific set of actions regarding what to do and what not in order to remain safe in the course of claiming your compensation. In this blog, we help you be aware of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do after being hit in a personal injury accident.


Dos After You’ve Suffered A Personal Injury


Seek Immediate Medical Attention


After a personal injury accident, your first priority should be seeking immediate medical attention. Get proper treatment for the injuries you have sustained. Delays in medical assistance can lead to health complications. Even if the injuries seem not so serious, you must have a thorough check-up from the doctors as they can identify the hidden injuries that do not feel severe in the initial stage. An accident victim must keep the medical documents to use them in the course of claiming compensation.


Collect Documents at the Accident Scene


It makes your personal injury lawsuit firm and more potent when you collect evidence and documents at the accident scene. The proof can indicate the severity of the injuries and the impact of the personal injury accident on your physical and medical health. Collect the names and contact numbers of the negligent party or parties. All the information will be added to your personal injury claim.


Take photographs of the accident scene, the surrounding area, vehicles involved at the time of the accident, and other contributing factors. Similar to injury cases, if it is a wrongful death claim, preserve the proofs and documents and provide them to your Orlando wrongful death lawyers on time.


Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions


Receive necessary medical treatments immediately after you have been in an accident to protect your health. Follow your doctor’s instructions and have medicines on time, which will show that you have done all you can to reduce your medical costs and create a record of treatments received. You might be in a state of trauma just after the accident and fail to assess your situation correctly.


Maintain Honesty and Consistency


Be very careful while communicating with your and the opponent party’s insurer. Remain cautious while talking about the accident with others or posting about it on social media. If not stated mindfully, your own words can be used against you in the course of the legal proceedings or insurance claims. It is an unfortunate occurrence if you have incurred injuries in an accident without any fault of yours. Make honest statements while you explain your situation, as it makes your position strong in the course of the personal injury lawsuit.


Consult with A Personal Injury Attorney


Connect with an experienced and expert personal injury attorney for legal assistance and representation if you have sustained severe injuries in a personal injury accident. A qualified and seasoned attorney can help you pass through the meandering ways of accident claims and ensure that your rights are protected. It costs zero to receive a free evaluation with Louis Berk Law Firm, as it can help you alleviate your hassle even if you have missed out on any point. If you have been in a car crash, our Orlando car accident attorneys help you deal with legal tactics and complex procedures, keeping the urgency of the situation in mind.


Don’ts After You’ve Suffered A Personal Injury


Never Admit Your Fault


An accident can be so traumatic that, at times, victims make the mistake of taking partial blame for the accident on them. If you have suffered damages due to the other party’s negligence, you must not ever admit your fault and say any word that can adversely impact your right to recover compensation for your losses. Don’t discuss your fault or apologize for even the slightest of mistakes, as it can be misinterpreted as your admission of fault.


Time Matters the Most – Don’t Delay in Filing the Claim


The matter is extremely time-sensitive, and the longer you wait to collect evidence, the more challenging it becomes to bring a successful compensation claim. If you don’t document the records on time and present them, situations might change afterward, and you might face a very difficult time recovering the compensation.


Don’t Directly Communicate with the Insurers


It is always recommended not to communicate directly with the insurers, as they can easily manipulate the victims to receive less compensation. As discussed earlier, with a quick settlement offer and signing an agreement, you may find yourself in trouble. Hire a seasoned Orlando wrongful death lawyer in case you have lost a loved one in a personal injury accident, and the professional will manage the communications with the insurance companies and remove any potential downfall from your life.


Don’t Settle for Less Compensation


Refrain from being tempted to accept a lower compensation offer that can stop you from adding in additional claims. Insurance companies are ready to offer the victims a quick settlement at a lowball offer. Their objective is to minimize the losses. The problem is that it can take months or years after a severe accident to understand the extent of your injuries and needed treatment. You might need further treatments in the coming time, but a quick settlement pushes you into a problematic situation. Do not take a single step without consulting your personal injury attorney.


Final Takeaways


Going through a personal injury claim can be a complex and emotionally draining journey. When you are already suffering from physical trauma, it is hard to fight for your rights. In such a situation, keep your health focus, follow the suggestions mentioned above, and seek professional legal guidance when needed. This way, you can increase your chances of securing fair compensation and getting back to your previous life.


Remember, you are not alone in the journey. Louis Berk Law is by your side. With depth of knowledge and immediate steps, you can empower yourself to overcome the challenges and attain the highest possible compensation in the course.

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