Differences Between A Car Accident and A Truck Accident

Differences Between A Car Accident and A Truck Accident

Truck accidents differ significantly from car accidents. This may be obvious given that trucks are larger and heavier than conventional vehicles, but did you know there are differences in how this type of accident is handled legally?


Florida is one of the worst places for truck accidents. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 500,000 truck accidents occurred in the United States in 2021, and Florida is among the top ten states with the highest fatality rate.


For people residing in Orlando, these types of accidents are not enough to have just any lawyer; you must have a truck lawyer to handle your case. In this blog, we will explain the differences between a truck crash and a car crash, give you the reasons why it is better to have an experienced attorney and the best options to handle your case.


Size Matters


The first difference is the most obvious Size: a truck’s size and weight are greater than a car’s. A truck can weigh 76,000 pounds more than other vehicles, which means that truck accidents cause more damage and much more severe injuries.


Driving a truck is much more complex than driving a car. These are larger, wider, taller and heavier than passenger vehicles, so the trucker must be skilled. If control is lost while driving a truck, it is more challenging to take back and takes longer to stop than other vehicles. It is also easier for it to overturn, and the load it is carrying may fall off, thus hitting several vehicles.


Compensation for truck accidents is usually higher than for car accidents because it involves much more significant damage to property vehicles or more severe personal injuries requiring more expensive medical treatments.


Other Parties Involved


In most cases, when you are in an accident with another car, you agree with the other driver, exchange insurance numbers, and call your Orlando car accident attorney to help you with your case.


In a truck collision, many entities are involved in operating a heavy truck and the cargo it takes. You must deal with the driver and the company he represents, which will do everything in its power to minimize compensation for damage to your vehicle or personal injuries.


This is why it is of the utmost importance to trust your Orlando truck accident attorney to know how to deal with these types of situations.


Trucking Industry Regulations


A truck is a highly used vehicle. It travels several miles for several days in a row, carrying a reasonably heavy load. This implies wear and tear for both the machine and its driver, which is different from that of an everyday car. Therefore, federal regulations and safety rules that do not apply to ordinary cars must be followed.


A truck must have regular maintenance and optimal performance to avoid failures that cause accidents. The truck driver must also be considered: he must undergo a background check, a drug test, regular evaluations, maintain a log, and get adequate rest.


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), driver fatigue is the most common cause of truck accidents. Drivers are often under pressure from the company to maintain a delivery schedule. In these cases, the company and the trucker can be held responsible for the accident.


The Investigation of Truck Accidents is Different From that of Car Accidents


Investigating truck accidents is different from investigating car accidents. In a car accident, you usually take photos or videos, witness testimonies, and police records to provide evidence to support your case. In a truck accident, additional evidence must be considered.


In Orlando, a truck accident attorney must know the interstate statutes to determine whether there were violations. Documentation of the trucker’s activity, truck movements, maintenance, load, and weight must be investigated. It is also more challenging to obtain this evidence due to the existence of several parties involved, not only the driver but also the company he represents.


Your Orlando truck crash lawyer can help you obtain this evidence and, if necessary, a court order to provide it. He will also be familiar with the different regulations that the truck and its driver must comply with in case of any type of violation


The Orlando Accident Attorney Can Help With Your Case


If you had a car accident, you should get a car accident lawyer to help you with your case, but if you suffered a truck collision, you will need a more specialized attorney. Filing a claim for a truck crash is a different process, more complex and challenging to navigate than a car crash, so you will need a skilled attorney to handle your case.


At Louis Berk Law, we have both. You can get access to both the experienced car and truck accident attorneys in Orlando. Here, we speak your language. Our team of Spanish-speaking lawyers will be willing to study your case, clear up doubts, and get you the best compensation for your losses caused by the accident you experienced.


We specialize in personal injuries, and with a decade of experience, we have a long list of successful cases and satisfied clients who can attest to our work.


If you suffered a truck accident, we are here to help you. Contact us, and we will give you a totally free consultation. We have a no-win, no-pay policy.


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