Dealing with Insurers: Understanding their Role After a Car Accident

Dealing with Insurers Understanding their Role After a Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident in Florida might be overwhelming. Dealing with medical expenses and personal injuries can be stressful, and you may also have to face the legal aspects of the accident. The aid of a legal attorney is required in this situation, especially when insurers want you to act without the advice of your counsel. This way, they can give you lower compensation than expected. Your Florida car accident attorney can help you understand how to thrive in the complex legal system in Florida.


The first thing to note is that insurers work to save money for the insurance company. They are trained in tactics that will lead you to accept or confess things that will lower your compensation. An insurance company’s initial offer rarely covers the real compensation for a car accident´s damage. Insurers will make you a low offer, hoping you will take it. Their goal is to save money from the insurance companies.


Even if you’ve shown proof of your losses, an insurance company may offer you less. Do not sign any papers. Wait for the advice of your personal injury attorney.


The more insurers will make you wait, the less they will have to pay


The insurance company’s role is not to pay the full value of injury claims against its insured drivers. Insurance companies profit by paying as little as they can afford on claims, and that´s Okay.


One of their tactics is to delay the payment of your claims. The longer they can make you wait to get paid, the more money they can make. Claims adjusters can use various strategies to pay you less money than you deserve.


This is why Florida car accident attorneys recommend always seeking legal advice before entering into an agreement with claim adjusters. Do not answer questions about your health, injuries, or how the accident happened. Do not admit fault or guilt in any situation. The insurance adjuster is trained to make you confess things that will help you lose your compensation.


Their intent is to pay you the lowest compensation they can get


Here are a few examples of the tactics the insurers use to pay you a lower compensation:


Making an approach without having a lawyer


Insurers routinely tell people on a first approach that they do not need a lawyer to help them with their injury claim. That way, he can make an agreement to pay you an amount of money that can barely cover the injury expenses.


Tell some of your treatments are unnecessary


The claims adjuster might deny coverage for some of your medical treatment by arguing that the procedure was not directly related to your wounds.


Asking You To Give A Recorded Statement


The claims adjuster could ask you to give a recorded statement, without the advice of an attorney, and the adjuster can change the interpretation of your statement at their convenience.


Ghosting you after Negotiating for a Brief Moment


The adjuster will stop answering your emails, looking to gain more time and delay the claim. This might seem like an unfair tactic, but the insurance company is not obligated to tell you the law. You can avoid this situation by working with an attorney on your injury claim as soon as possible.


Acting as a Friend


Some claims adjusters turn on the charm with people who file claims. They are not your friend, and they do not work for you. Their job is to resolve injury claims for as little money as possible.


These are some of the tactics the adjusters use to keep an advantage over you and pay you a lower compensation for the damaged caused. In these cases, it’s important to seek legal representation soon after the car accident occurs. Hiring a Florida personal injury lawyer increases the chances of having a favorable outcome for your case.


Why you should have the legal advice of a lawyer


Having a lawyer on your side brings some benefits such as:


Effective Communication


A simple misunderstanding or wrong choice of words can make or break your case. Establishing open and clear communication with your lawyer is a crucial part of your defence. This leads to fewer mistakes and errors in legal documents and other records, which means a higher success rate.


Trust and Reliability


Trust will naturally develop once your lawyer starts to successfully communicate your legal situation with you. On the other hand, reliability will come as you witness how your trusted attorney represents you in court.




Your attorney can effectively obtain witness testimonies to strengthen your claim and defend you. This diverse range of representation is what makes the kind of attorney essential to gaining compensation.


Final Takeaways


Claim adjusters play a critical role in the insurance industry. They serve as intermediaries, ensuring fair claim settlements for policyholders while protecting the financial interests of insurance companies. This is why they are trained in these tactics, which will save money for the insurance companies.

Their diverse skill set, combining investigation, negotiation, and communication expertise, is crucial for a smooth and efficient claims process. That is why you should count on a Florida Car accident attorney who will help you thrive in the complex legal system.

You must know your rights, understand the law, and take action to ensure you get paid the money you deserve. It is also important to note that before filing the claim, you must make sure you have not signed any legal document without the legal advice of your lawyer. This could compromise the amount of money you can receive or even ruin your whole compensation. Here at Louis Berk Law Firm, we can help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

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