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A Truck accident can turn one’s life around, leaving the person with a physical disability, sky-high medical costs, and mental trauma. Due to the implications, Florida Law entitles motor vehicle victims to compensation from the at-fault party after an accident. If, unfortunately, you have been injured in a truck accident, you can recover your loss under the state law. You can receive compensation for your treatment costs, loss of employment and income, emotional hustle, and other non-economic losses. You need to meet certain deadlines when seeking legal assistance from the court. Time is of utmost importance when filing a motor vehicle accident lawsuit in Florida.


Time is crucial when it concerns your motor vehicle accident claim, empowering your case with a sharp legal edge with the support of seasoned personal injury attorneys at your back. Guidance from a Florida motor vehicle or orlando truck accident attorney helps you navigate the lawsuit with the best plans and strategies.


You must be aware of which statute of limitations provision applies to your accident case and take the necessary steps to recover the amount you deserve successfully. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Louis Berk Law, with years of expertise, understand the intricacy of Florida law and how to prepare a strong lawsuit on your behalf.


What Are the Florida Statutes of Limitations?


The statute of Limitations might vary from state to state in the United States. In a “No-fault” U.S. state like Florida, auto and truck accident victims have a limited time to file a lawsuit before the claim time limit expires. Various civil lawsuits and injury claims come with specific timelines when it concerns pursuing the lawsuits. If you fail to file the lawsuit on or before time, the court might disallow your injury claim, irrespective of the proof and evidence you do have. As a consequence, you won’t be able to receive the compensation you deserve. Our Spanish speaking Orlando car accident attorney are all prepared to break all your language barriers, listen to you, and guide you through your lawsuit.


It is good on your part to be aware of the statute of limitations. Time is a factor that can make or break your case. Taking more time in filing the lawsuit can mess up the facts regarding who has been liable for the accident. Your personal injury attorney will collect the witnesses’ testimony and evaluate the case following the lawsuit requirements. The Florida Statute of Limitations ensures that the jury stays fair and neutral while considering the evidence.


Statutes of limitations protect the rights of all parties involved in a personal injury accident. The time works against the plaintiff and helps the defendants. So, if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, take steps immediately with the support of our professional lawyers, who will evaluate your claim in detail.


Connection between Timing and Medical Treatment


After a traffic accident, there is no legal requirement to get medical care within a specific period, but it adds an edge to your case. The steps include,

1. You need to rely on Emergency transport when injuries are life-threatening.
2. You must visit the urgent care center for the same treatment
3. Visit your primary physician on the very day

At max., you must see the doctor within 72 hours after the accident.


Know About Florida Car Crash Deadline


According to Florida Law, Floridians can initiate and file a lawsuit within two years of a motor vehicle accident. The lawmakers have adopted a two-year statute of limitations for medical malpractice and other injury cases. The law has allowed an exceptional span of the four-year timetable for specific cases. Florida statute of limitation allows the truck, automotive, and motorcycle accident victims a four-year deadline to file a lawsuit. But the sooner you do, the better results you can get. Delay in filing the lawsuit might make it difficult for you to prove the guilt of the at-fault party.


Florida Truck Accident Attorneys at Louis Berk Law Firm are all set to help and guide you if you have been injured in a truck accident. You should be able to connect with our legal team if you are injured. Our qualified personal injury attorneys will review your case and determine how much compensation you deserve for your losses.


How and When to File An Insurance Claim?


Another Deadline applies when you are fighting for compensation under your insurance policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. You must file a first-party claim as you are dealing with your insurer. You must find medical assistance within 14 days of the accident, as it will count. If you fail to maintain the deadline, you may lose your right to get compensation from your insurance company. On the other hand, if you are filing a third-party claim with your at-fault party, the deadline won’t affect your rights.


How Do We Help You?


Other legal deadlines might apply to your personal injury case. Working with a Spanish speaking personal injury attorney can help you with clear and direct communication and guide you on when to submit medical reports, evidence, and legal documents. Services our truck accident attorneys offer:


1. Investigate your accident case
2. Collect all evidence and proofs
3. Evaluate the case
4. Deal with the insurers
5. Negotiate for compensation
6. Sharp legal representation before the court


If you have more queries on how our personal injury attorneys can help you, at Louis Berk Law Firm, we offer you a free consultation to have a discussion further.


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Time is vital when it comes to law. The sooner you take action, the more compensation you might retrieve for all your economic and non-economic losses.


If you or anyone you know has incurred injuries from a tragic accident, seek sharp legal assistance soon. At Louis Berk Law, our attorneys well understand the Florida Law and how to obtain compensation for your losses. We provide case evaluations and legal insights on a contingency basis, which means you don’t need to pay us until you receive compensation against all your losses. Connect with us and get the best legal assistance at your back when you are in trouble.

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