5 Times in Life You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer by Your Side

5 Times in Life You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer by Your Side

The extra cost of hiring a slip and fall attorney may seem taxing because you already have to deal with additional medical expenses after the accident. But let’s be honest with the fact that hiring a lawyer becomes important once you encounter a slip and fall accident.


An unwelcome slip and fall accident may come with its share of consequences. While you may feel embarrassed to take immediate help, you may face unexpected consequences as the injury worsens. The fact is simple: a slip and fall victim might be entitled to get financial compensation. So, consulting an attorney after the accident is quite significant, no matter how embarrassed you feel.


You are entitled to compensation if the accident occurred on someone else’s property due to their negligence. It’s a form of premises liability. The defendant landowner is, thus, responsible for the damage to the plaintiff(s). The following are the five times in life when you may need legal assistance from an Orlando slip and fall lawyer.


1) Injury in Your Spinal Cord –


The victim’s spine may twist and bend in a slip and fall accident. It’s a spinal cord injury, and might result in a herniated disc. One can even encounter a spinal fracture, where the spinal bones break. Such fractures might remain stable or unstable and can become unbearably painful.


Also termed SCI, spinal cord injuries may fracture vertebrae or result in pinched nerves. Such symptoms may vary depending on the pain suffered. These injuries might be incomplete or complete depending on the damage’s extent to your spinal cord.


2) Concussions and Other Head Injuries –


Someone who falls may often hit their head on the ground. And in slip and fall accidents, when the victim hits their head on the ground, it may result in a head injury. Concussions are the most evident example of minor head injuries. It results from a blow or jolt to the head.


While it is considered minor, there are bigger consequences that patients might suffer. The most difficult part after encountering such an injury is the healing process, which is slower than other types. The medical expenses are relatively higher for these injuries.


Other types of head injuries that a victim may suffer in a slip and fall accident include the following:


● Contusion: Direct trauma to your head
● Hematoma: The blow resulting in damage to the outer blood vessels of the brain
● Closed head injury: Swelling, torn blood vessels, bruised brain tissues


The above brain injuries may also occur in pedestrian accidents when the motorist hits the victim on the road. If the injury occurred from a pedestrian accident, one must consult the best Florida pedestrian accident attorney. Otherwise, one should consider hiring a personal injury attorney if it resulted from a slip and fall accident.


3) Broken Bones


Slip and fall hazards might be present in various private or public locations, the ones you least expect. In certain circumstances, a slip and fall accident may break your bone. These accidents may result in bruising, scarring, or disfiguration. So, a victim suffers from severe broken bone incidents like transverse or compound fractures.


Right-angle breaks are transverse fractures and are simpler to treat. However, compound fractures, the ones occurring when a bone breaks through your skin, may have additional issues like internal bleeding or infection. Such bone fractures may occur in various parts of the bones, including knees, arms, feet, face, legs, and more.


4) Injuries in the Face –


Your face is a prominent feature that helps you make a terrific first impression on someone. A slip and fall accident might result in permanent face scars. So, have your slip and fall accident resulted in severe facial injuries? If yes, now is the right time to get in touch with an attorney to file your case and get deserving compensation.


Injuries to your face may result from hitting the ground with an object while falling. It might include these injuries:


Severe Cuts


Bleeding from severe or minor cuts might result in infections. Scarring, in general, might result in nerve issues in the long run, besides affecting your confidence.


Jaw and Nose fractures


Nose fractures might result in breathing difficulties. Besides, encountering jaw fractures may create issues in speaking, breathing, and eating. You may need surgery if the condition is severe.


Broken Teeth


Broken teeth may create issues with chewing and other cosmetic problems. Long-term oral problems might arise such as infections or decay.


Eye Injuries


Severe injuries in your eye and surrounding areas may result in vision impairment that hinders your day-to-day activities. It may also affect your eyes in the long run.


4) Injury in Your Neck –


Neck injuries also referred to as cervical spine injuries, might be the most common type of injury occurring due to a slip and fall accident. Neck injuries might be severe or mild, depending on the type of accident. However, if it involves the nervous system, it might result in the following conditions:


● Crick in your neck (pain while waking up or going off to bed)
● Neck sprain (injury in the ligaments)
● Muscle strain (injury to the muscles that move the spine)
● WAD or Whiplash Associated Disorders (sudden head movement, which may occur in a road accident)
● Burners and stingers (injury feels like burns and stings, temporarily affects the brachial plexus)
● Herniated disc (nucleus pulposis is pushed outwards, a soft substance inside the disc)
● Spinal cord injury (fracture or dislocation to the spinal cord)
● Cervical dislocation (when the bone in the neck moves out of the natural position, leading to instability in one’s spine)


You must take your medical reports to the attorney and file for a slip and injury claim against the landowner on whose property you encountered the accident.




So, have you been injured in a slip and fall accident in Orlando and experienced any of the above injuries? You might get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. Speak with an Orlando slip and fall lawyer to understand your rights.

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