5 Pedestrian Safety Tips That Could Save Lives

5 Pedestrian Safety Tips That Could Save Lives

Florida has much more pedestrians than other states because its weather is usually perfect for outdoor activities. From students to professionals and everyone in between, walking is one of Florida’s favorite modes of transportation. It’s a great way to get some exercise, get some vitamin D, be environmentally conscious, and, of course, arrive at your intended destination.


Unfortunately, walking can also be dangerous in the state of Florida because it the rate of pedestrian accidents in the state is among the highest in the nation.


Here are some alarming statistics:


● Fatalities while walking in Florida are double the national average
● On average, 1.3 pedestrians lose their lives daily.
● Every day, 17 pedestrians are injured in Florida.


These numbers are alarming as well as saddening. If you have been in a pedestrian accident and have been severely injured, you are not alone. You can consult an experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney, like those from Louis Berk Law, to help you guide you through the legal process and get you the compensation you deserve.


Having said that, most pedestrian accidents are preventable with some safety tips in mind. Here, we have come up with five such tips to help you walk safer in Florida and arrive at your destination without any unfortunate incident.


Walk in the Right Places


This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is the most important caution you can exercise. Many pedestrians are hurt or injured when they are not walking in safe places or are jaywalking. Use sidewalks whenever possible, even if it means crossing to the other side of the road. It’s a much safer practice. If there are no sidewalks in the area, walking in the direction of the traffic is safer. Also, stay as far to the left as possible. Don’t walk on freeways or other areas where walking is prohibited.


Cross streets at the corners. It is tempting to cross in the middle of the road, particularly if your home is located just in the opposite direction, but this is where most accidents occur. Use traffic signals and crosswalks, which are much safer, particularly in high-traffic areas.


Be Mindful in Intersections, Crosswalks, and Parking Lots


Far too many drivers fail to yield the right-of-way while turning onto another road at intersections. Drivers are obligated to follow the pedestrian signal in favor of the traffic signal if there is a pedestrian signal. However, they do not always do this. Instead, they get so involved in what the traffic light tells them to do that they forget to watch the pedestrian signal and yield the right of way to any pedestrian that might be present.


So, pedestrians must look out for such drivers. Even at crosswalks, where they are allowed to cross, exercising caution will only enhance safety and save lives.


Parking lots are particularly vulnerable to pedestrians. The drivers aren’t expecting any pedestrians near their cars, and they have limited visibility. So, pedestrians will do well if they exercise additional caution for their own safety. If you are met with an accident, always connect with a reliable Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for support and guidance. They will make sure you receive your compensation.


Make Sure You are Visible


When walking at night or when it is overcast, make sure you wear light-colored clothes or clothes with reflective material to make yourself visible to the drivers. You can even purchase reflective tape and place it on your clothing. If it’s extremely dark, it’s safe to carry flashlights. Not only will this help you see where you are headed, but it will also make you visible to any nearby traffic.


Stay Alert, Always


Careless driving is one of the major problems in Florida, and many drivers do not give the space in their front the attention it deserves. This means, as a pedestrian, you have to exercise the necessary caution and have a heightened awareness at all times. Use clothing, hats, or sunglasses that do not block your vision. Make eye contact with drivers to make them aware of your presence. Also, avoid texting or using the internet or your phone as far as possible when walking.


Always Walk Sober


Another safety tip to avoid pedestrian accidents is walking sober. Walking while drunk is not only dangerous for drivers but also for pedestrians. So, you must avoid alcohol and drugs at all costs while out walking on the streets. Both substances can significantly impair your judgment and walk safely on the streets. Even some OTC medications can be harmful to pedestrians. So, read the labels carefully and check whether the drug is potentially harmful while walking.




Now you know what you must do to avoid pedestrian accidents in Florida. Following these tips is likely to save your life and prevent unwanted incidents from happening. If you are looking for an experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Florida, you can always connect with Louis Berk Law for the finest legal services.

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