Which is the Best Law Firm that helps Victims to win a Slip and Fall Case in Florida?

Slip and Fall Cases Attorney

If you get hurt in a slip and fall accident, you must know under which slip and fall laws your case comes. The chances of winning in such cases depend on how well and strongly you represent your case to the court. You need an expert attorney who documents everything to win your case. Meet an experienced Orlando slip and fall attorney and increase the chances of your win.


What are Florida’s slip-and-fall laws?


Florida’s Law states that to win a slip and fall case, the victim must prove that the dangerous condition that is the reason for the slip or fall is caused by the negligence of the business. The victim needs to present enough documents to ensure that the business is completely aware of the dangerous conditions. Florida’s laws support the victim for economic or non-economic damages, including medical bills, work absenteeism, and more.


Slip and fall laws include an array of things, and Florida is one of the places that have complete written laws for slip and fall accidents, which were written and passed by lawmakers. The law cites how a victim can win the case.


What you need to win a slip-and-fall case in Florida:


If you have experienced a slip or fall accident, you need to document a few things to win the case. According to Florida’s Laws, you need to prove the following things.


● You slipped on a substance
● The fall happened on someone else’s property
● There was a dangerous condition
● The property owner was completely aware of the dangerous conditions
● The property owner did nothing to fix the condition

Proving property owners’ negligence, in this case, is the most difficult thing, and you need an experienced attorney by your side to win the case. Experts know very well how to present your case to the court. Besides, they also have vast knowledge in handling such cases. Meet the best Orlando Accident attorney and let him/her help you make your case strong.


Any accident disturbs the regular flow of life, affecting your physical and psychological health. When medical bills are skyrocketing, work absenteeism decreases your savings. Taking care of your health with maintaining everything would be arduous. The slip and Fall Laws protect you from a such huge burden. The law compensates your loss monetarily or non-monetarily. Consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney to increase the winning chances of your case.


Your lawyer knows the tactics to prove a property owner’s negligence, which is the reason for your accident. Lawyers concentrate on a few things to make the case an easy win. They try to prove:


● The dangerous condition existed long enough that it is hard to be ignored.

● The accidents happen there repetitively, and the property owner has complete knowledge of it.

● The property owner has a reasonable time to fix the dangerous condition.

These are the things that help you win your case, and your attorney is the best person to collect evident-based documents.


Florida’s slip and fall common law:


The legislature in Florida codified the slip-and-fall laws. It is true that written laws cannot cover every factual detail arising in cases, and this is why attorneys also pay attention to the common law, which is written by judges depending on the cases and issues arising in a court. The common Laws include details that clear many questions.


Legal matters are always complex, and you need an experienced attorney to resolve the issue completely. The victim must also be aware of different details before filing a slip-and-fall case. Florida Law states that the victim has four years from the date of the accident to claim the compensation. It is applicable for all negligence personal injury claims.


The lawsuit for slip and fall in Florida starts with a summons and complaint. The victim states the fact of the case, and the complaint is based on Florida’s personal injury negligence laws. The victim will decide whether he/she wants to start the lawsuit. For filing the lawsuit, the victim needs to file the claim in court within the deadline.


Comparative negligence:


Comparative negligence is another significant factor that you must be aware of. It means that when both the victim and the property owner have a share of responsibility for the accident. It is a legal concept where you as a victim also have a fault in a slip and fall accident. However, the victim still gets some compensation even if he/she shares faults in the accident.


If you get hurt by an object that should not be in your way while walking, it is the negligence of the property owner. But, if you are running instead of walking, you have faults in the accident. This way, comparative negligence slip and fall laws are applied in the case.


Why do you need an attorney for your slip-and-fall case?


Proving liability:


The most difficult thing in this personal injury case is to prove that you are not at fault for the accident. Instead, the property or business owner’s negligence caused this accident. An attorney is an experienced person, offering the right support to win your case.


Gathering evidence:


Besides proving the liability, your lawyer will also gather evidence that increases the winning chances. Your attorney visits the place of an accident and takes pictures. He/she asks people who witness the accident. Everything will make your case strong.


Dealing with legal matters:


Personal injury case has many complicated legal matters, and your attorney deals with all legal matters. There is also a segment called mediation where the defendant’s attorney comes up with a settlement. Your lawyer will handle everything.


Consult with Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney and get the best help for your case. Louis Berk Law has a team of experienced attorneys, offering help in an array of personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall liability, and more. The team believes in offering honest support, and they only charge you when you win your case. Please visit them to know more.

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