What to Look for When Searching for an Accident Case Attorney

Searching for an Accident Case Attorney

The number of accidents is always on the rise in Orlando, Florida. Each year, the numbers soar, and the number of people dying or suffering damage from accidents increases. As Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) statistics show, till now, there have been 30,107 crashes recorded in Florida, out of which 242 were fatal.


These are huge numbers, and the government does everything it can to ensure the safety of its citizens on the highway. There are a few things you too can do to keep yourself and others safe on the highways while driving cars, trucks, or other vehicles. Abiding by the safety regulations put forward by the government is always necessary to help keep yourself and others safe from unfortunate accidents. However, despite taking all necessary precautions, accidents do happen (as the statistics show), and while there is not much we can do to prevent them from happening (considering we have done everything we could), there is always something we can do after the occurrence.


Looking for and hiring an Orlando car accident attorney is the first step you need to take to claim compensation for your losses. Receiving a good amount as compensation can create all the difference in your life and help make your life smooth by catering to the medical expenses and any other expenses incurred upon you due to the unfortunate incident.


Hiring a lawyer is important because no insurance company in Florida voluntarily provides the compensation amount you deserve. They always look for ways to avoid the payment, and till you do not contest them with an experienced lawyer by your side, you are not likely to receive the right compensation for your losses.


And there are so many attorneys and attorney houses to choose from in Orlando. With each one claiming to be better than the other, finding a law firm in Orlando, Florida, that would aptly meet your requirements is confusing. You will be spoilt for choices, and in cases like an accident, you don’t want to land in the wrong hands.


So, here are some qualities you should look for in a car accident lawyer in Orlando to even your chances of receiving the right compensation amount.


Clear Communication


A good law firm will always be clear about what you should expect from them and how they will help you get the compensation amount you deserve. They will be clear about their process, fees, values, and more. They should also straightforwardly answer all your queries. So, look for clear communication in a law firm. If you are unsatisfied with the initial conversation, there is a high chance that there will be a communication gap further along the line if you hire them.


Engaging Conversation


A good law firm must be interested in your case. If they are not engaged in your accident case from the beginning, that will reflect in how they go about discussing the case with you. They will not ask for details about your case or injury or what your legal goals are. All these can result in a lesser settlement amount than what you have gotten for your case.


Willingness to Provide Reference


Before you settle for a lawyer, always ask them for a list of references you can speak to. These references should speak of the reputation of the lawyer. Even if you do not speak directly with the references, you should feel confident that the lawyer furnished you with the references. Avoid the lawyer who does not provide you with references or does not have them.


Comfortable Office Space


While it’s not on the top of the list, it surely makes it to the qualities that you should look for in an attorney you want to hire. A comfortable and organized office space will provide you with the right environment to talk freely and express your case and worries to the attorney. Orlando wrongful death lawyers almost always keep their workspace organized to make a suitable impression on their clients. If, however, you find the office space of the attorney cluttered or the staff ill-behaved, rude, or not willing to listen, you must avoid that particular lawyer at all costs.

Experience in Personal Injury


When you hire an Orlando car accident attorney, make sure they have experience working with personal injury cases. That will help them understand your accident case and gather the necessary information to fight it aggressively. You too will be comfortable knowing they have experience in fighting court cases and have a winning track record.




A lawyer is indispensable for an accident case in Orlando, Florida. Once you hire the right one, they can make your journey to get good compensation smooth and trouble-free. Mentioned above are the key qualities you should look for in an accident lawyer in Orlando, so you land in the right hands. Dealing with the right lawyer in Orlando has a lot of benefits, and if the lawyer speaks your tongue, you will find it more convenient to speak with them. If you are a Spanish-speaking citizen, you can always connect with Louis Berk Law, the house for the best Spanish-speaking lawyers in Florida.

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