What To Do When You’re Involved In a Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are not an uncommon occurrence and can happen with anyone. In such an occurrence, it can be that you are the victim or you are at fault. The article is effective for you in both perspectives to put yourself away from any probable danger or to allow you to stay away from legal entangles.

Read more to understand what your stance should be if you are involved in a car accident.

Check Your Injuries

The first thing to perform after being involved in a car incident is to take self-care. Check your injuries. If you suffer from pain, stiffness, rigidity, and inflexibility chances are that there is some internal inflammation, whiplash, Fractures, and other reasons causing the pain. You must consult with your physician or call an ambulance to take the necessary action.

Ensure Safety of Your Passengers

Check the other people who were with you on the drive. Check if they are injured and need medical assistance. Do not hesitate to inform doctors or call an ambulance and mention the number of persons impacted by the accident. Communicate their injuries and health condition. Wait at that place for getting medical assistance. Do not forget to communicate the exact location where the accident took place. Mention any nearest location or share your current location on Google maps to assist them in identifying the place and send medical assistance without wasting any time.

Do not leave the place immediately

You should not leave the place immediately after the accident. What you can do is pull the car sideways to remove the obstruction for traffic. If the place is dark, use the flashlight to make other drivers and passengers aware of the incident. You should keep the lights on while waiting in the disabled car and give repetitive signals to avoid any further accidents.

Call the Police or Enforcement

Recollect all the details before calling 911 or law enforcement. You should be able to share the details about the present location, since they will need it to be at that place immediately. If you cannot identify the place, you can share information about any nearest place which can easily be identified. You must wait at that place till the police or any enforcement team comes. You must be in good condition to understand what they are asking and reply to their questions accordingly. You should not share any such information which can go against you later.

Make an Accurate Record

Recollect all the information about what happened at the time of the incident. There can be cases in which you are not able to think or recollect anything properly. However, it is advised to keep a note of everything you can remember. It will help you in the litigation process, reimbursement claim processes, and following other norms and regulations.

Take Pictures

If your phone is working fine after the accident, consider that you have got a savior. Take pictures of your damaged car, the location, the nearby people, other car involved in the accident, and others. Take pictures from multiple angles. Do not forget to take pictures of the damaged interiors of your car. It is advised to take pictures from a distance of more than one meter to capture the surroundings and condition of the car more prominently. These pictures are your evidence which is highly important for any legal process or for claiming insurance.

Avoid Talking to Other Driver

You can engage in small talk with other driver. But, do not engage in any heated arguments. Do not promise anything and ensure payment for damages even if you are at fault. It is advised to not engage in clear communication with the other party until and unless law enforcement intervenes. Since, if you say any information unknowingly which can jeopardize your stance in claiming reimbursement; you would be the one who would suffer. So, try to stay aloof and contented as much as possible and wait for the police or enforcement team to appear.

Consult with a Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a car accident in Orlando, you must consult with an experienced car accident attorney. They are the ones who have expertise and experience in solving similar cases. So you can be ensured that your issues will be solved under expert guidance. In many cases, when you would claim for damages, many insurance companies would show reluctance to offer you the right amount as compensation for losses incurred. They would negotiate to prove that you were at fault and the company would not bear the cost. They might ask some tricky questions, answering which can deprive you of claiming your return. In that critical situation, a car accident attorney in Orlando would take charge of controlling the matter in the clients’ favor. That is why it is important to consult with a car accident attorney after an accident.

These are the few things you can do to help you to come over from the aftershock and complicacy after a car accident. In any case, if you find yourself in a state where nothing seems favorable and you anticipate that you are at great risk, reach out to any effective car accident attorney who can guide you in the correct manner. They are the professionals who perform their duty with utmost dedication.

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