Learn How To Handle Your Insurance Company

Learn How To Handle Your Insurance Company

Orange County is one of the places where most car accidents happen in Florida. If you were in an accident of this type, you may feel relieved to have insurance. However, assuming that insurance will cover you for the accident is a common mistake.


The best way for an insurance company to make money is by charging premiums and denying claims. Many times, greed gets in the way, and they unjustifiably deny claims, alleging nonsensical reasons that the people affected by the accident often do not know how to handle.


For this, especially if you live in Orlando, a car accident attorney may be your best option for receiving fair compensation. If you suffer personal injuries or need to pay to repair your vehicle, an attorney in Orlando will significantly help.


Tips For Dealing With Insurance Companies After An Accident.


Statistically speaking, an average person suffers between 3 and 4 accidents throughout their life; this means they have very rarely had to deal with insurance companies.


Knowing what to say or do in these cases can be very advantageous, especially to avoid falling into traps that insurers set to reduce the amount you can obtain for your claim.


Below, I offer some tips on how to deal with insurance companies effectively and avoid obtaining low compensation for your accident. Knowledge is power, after all.


Get A Personal Injury Attorney.


One of insurance companies’ most common tricks is to make you believe that you do not need a lawyer and that an agreement can be reached without the need to involve third parties.


Having professional help is decisive when dealing with insurance companies. For people in Florida, an attorney near Orlando with experience and expertise in insurance law will be your best weapon in obtaining the best agreement.


Make Sure Your Claim Goes through the Proper Processes.


This is probably the main reason why insurance company claims are rejected: the bureaucratic barrier. The lack of a form, a stamp or a signature can delay your claim or, worse, void it completely, so be sure to follow the procedure to the letter.


Or better yet, trust your experienced Orlando Car Accident Attorney to settle these matters for you. After all, who is better at dealing with bureaucracy than a lawyer?


Never Take the Blame.


Stick to the facts and never admit fault. When speaking with insurance companies, maintain a polite and professional tone and limit yourself to saying precisely what happened at the time of the accident. This way, you will avoid saying anything that could be used against you when obtaining compensation.


Having an Orlando truck accident attorney who speaks your language is the best way to avoid saying the wrong thing. Let your lawyer speak for you and represent you; given his vast experience, he will be better able to deal with insurance companies.


Properly Document your Accident.


Take as many photos and videos as possible, talk to witnesses, and fill out police reports. Solid documentation of the accident will strengthen your case and facilitate the claim process.


It is never too much when it comes to taking photos or videos of the accident. In the worst case, you will simply have a picture that you will not use, but you never know what will be the key to helping you with your case.


Beware of Recorded Statements and Lightning-Fast Agreements.


Insurers often try to contact you to record statements about the accident. They usually do this to obtain contradictory information that they can use against you. You are not legally required to provide a recorded statement. In these cases, you can tell him that your lawyer will be willing to speak for you.


It is also quite common for them to seek quick agreements. If the insurance company is looking to settle suspiciously quickly, consult with your trusted Orlando car accident attorney if they want to offer you a deal that does not benefit you.


Be Careful Detailing Your Injuries.


Sometimes, the insurer may ask you about the nature of your injuries. You must be careful; sometimes, you may leave a detail out, or your injuries can worsen over time. If this is the case, the insurer could use the information they had to avoid payments.


Let your lawyer speak for you and deal with the information that the insurer needs, no more, no less.


Why You Should Get A Car Accident Attorney.


Insurers train their employees to find ways to reduce the compensation they can offer, which is why you must have strategies to ensure you don’t fall into their traps when dealing with them.


It is important to remember that insurance companies are not your friends. Their goal is to collect the most money from you through premiums and return the least amount when you make a claim.


Your trusted Orlando car accident attorney can help you review your claim and see if it was mishandled. If it was denied, you can appeal your case.


An attorney can help you force a claim to be reopened or even sue the insurance company if it has been mishandled and denied. With a car accident attorney, you can get justice even if your insurance claim has been rejected.


We Can Lend You A Helping Hand.


Suppose you live in Florida and suffered a personal injury accident. In that case, if you need help making an insurance claim, Louis Berk Law is your attorney near Orlando who can help you solve your problems.


We speak your language, and we have the best team of Spanish-speaking lawyers specialized in dealing with personal injury cases; they will be there to provide you with a helping hand to help you resolve your case.


We have a no-win, no-pay policy and offer our clients a free consultation to study your cases. Contact us for more information.

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