Is it Worth Hiring an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer?

Orlando suffers a large number of truck accidents each year. And among all accidents, truck accidents are the most complex to deal with. The huge mass and volume of trucks naturally give rise to much bigger damage to the other vehicle or individuals involved in the accident. So, if you are in a truck accident, it’s likely that you will incur major injuries resulting in life-altering complications, in worst cases, death. The bulk, weight, and volume of trucks can further contribute to the crushing of vehicles, multiple-car pile-ups, and spillages.


When you or your loved ones are dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident, it’s a tough time for you. The medical bills will pile up, and you must be very distressed by all the pain and complicated injuries. While it’s true that money isn’t everything and if you have lost a dear one, no amount can replace them, just think how convenient it would be if you get the truck accident compensation you deserve. Wouldn’t it be great! It sure would be.


Having said that, it’s not easy to get compensation for a truck accident injury. For one, a truck accident involves big companies who, more often than not, try to show that your negligence caused the injury and it was not their fault. And if they are successful in proving this to the court, you are left with massive injuries and damages with no financial coverage, which you need badly.


So, it’s important that you visit a number of Orlando truck accident attorneys and hire a trusted one to deal with your truck accident situation. If you are skeptical about hiring a truck accident attorney and thinking if it would be worth it, here are some facts to help you make the decision.


Four Reasons Truck Accident Lawyers are Worth It


Every accident is different, and getting tailored legal advice for your particular situation is important. Hiring a truck accident lawyer will help as he will look specifically into your case details and offer you a solution useful for your particular case. Here are some pros of hiring a truck accident lawyer.


Trucking Regulations are Complicated


Since truck drivers are paid for their tasks, they need to maintain some standards while driving, including:


● Tracking scheduled maintenance
● Keeping up with annual inspections
● Maintaining logging hours and rest periods


State and Federal laws govern the trucking industry. Still, truckers are sometimes forced to follow strict time schedules and deadlines. Many truck drivers are careful and responsible, but many others may run into an accident due to lack of sleep to maintain the close call deadline or not keeping up with the maintenance.


Though there are regular inspections by the trucking authority, many common violations are also found. Issues with breaks, lamps, repair, or maintenance violations are common, and any one or more of these violations can lead to truck accidents.


Trucking regulations are complex, and it’s not easy to determine the exact reason behind an accident. However, an experienced truck accident attorney can easily find out what caused the accident and which party is guilty. Thus, hiring a specialized truck accident attorney in Orlando can help you determine the exact cause of the accident and take steps accordingly.


Several Parties May be at Fault


In contrast to car accidents, trucking accidents can have one or more at-fault parties. The at-fault party can be:


● The truck driver
● The trucking company
● Another driver on the road
● A mechanic or maintenance company
● Someone else


An experienced truck accident lawyer would know where to investigate and find out the party due to whom the accident happened. Thus he/she would be able to throw light on the faulty party, and if you are innocent, you can always get the best settlements for your damage.


Damages are Often More Serious in Truck Accidents


Trucks are massive, and large trucks’ sheer weight and size can lead to serious accidents with severe injuries. Chances of severe injuries increase when the truck is full of hazardous or flammable cargo.


Truck accidents can result in massive damages like huge medical bills, more missed work time, and severe physical and emotional damage. People also often lose their lives in truck accidents, leaving dependent members in a lot of grief, and they often wonder who to turn to.


Hiring personal injury attorneys can be life-changing in these situations. They are aware of the complex laws and regulations and can find out the guilty party so that you receive fair compensation.


Trucking Insurance is Different


Personal injury claims are filed with the at-fault party’s insurance company after an accident. However, the process may become complicated as several insurance policies are in place. The trucking company, the truck driver, and even the truck itself may all have coverage. The truck’s cargo might be covered by insurance as well.


With so many insurances in place, the process may become very complicated very quickly. Plus, the insurance companies do not generally voluntarily want to pay the injured. They always try to find ways to avoid paying the injured party and save money. Hiring experienced Orlando truck accident attorneys will make sure that you don’t have to spend thought on the insurance process and have peace of mind that it will be handled with safe hands.


So, to answer if it is worth hiring a truck accident attorney, the answer is a big yes. Truck accident attorneys are very well-versed in all the laws and regulations that the truck in question was following and are empathetic to the pain and suffering you are facing. While the insurance companies try to avoid paying the injured party, the lawyer you hire will aim to provide you with the compensation you deserve.


Facing a truck accident and injuries can be extremely difficult. A truck accident can take a heavy toll on your physical, emotional, and financial state of being, and you are left grief struck and disoriented about what you should do or whom you should approach.


In such times, hiring a truck accident attorney can help, and he/she can help you get the compensation you deserve and thus offer some solace to you and your loved ones.

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