How Can an Attorney Help Settle a Car Accident Claim

Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can devastate one’s life. When large vehicles collide with passenger vehicles, the driver and occupants of the passenger vehicle, like cars, tend to bear the damage of the incident. In a Central Florida car accident, you may get severe bruises and remain out of work for months as a natural consequence, while your household and medical expenses become high. It is highly distressing when you find that the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence, and you are the one undergoing all the pain and suffering. None wants to pay for others’ mistakes. The days after an auto accident will be hectic. A car accident lawyer advocates for their victims while struggling with physical pain, medical bills, and high stress and anxiety. One might get severe injuries, making it impossible to return to work, and wonder if hiring a lawyer is worth it! Let’s check.


Car crashes are prevalent in Orlando. Some accidents cause critical physical injuries, leaving the victims striving to cope with their everyday work and pay their medical bills simultaneously. If you have gone through a car accident, you might wonder how an attorney can help you! Fortunately, you don’t have to face any unnecessary hazards with the help of the Louis Berk Law Firm’s car accident attorneys, who will help you protect your rights and recover the compensation you deserve due to the injuries and losses. Our attorneys will offer your free consultation, clear your queries, and help you receive compensation after a wreck. Orlando Truck Accident Lawyers and auto accident attorneys are here to help you! The blog will discuss what an auto accident attorney can bring to your table.


What Does A Car Accident Attorney Do to Settle Your Car Accident Claim?


If you receive critical physical injuries in a car accident, consult an attorney who holds years of experience and skills in dealing with similar cases. The lawyer will initiate collecting and analyzing evidence and records, bringing a team of experts and investigators to strengthen your car accident case, and negotiating with the respective insurance company to drive the best result for your car accident claim.


1. Auto Accident Lawyers Analyze the Case


The first and foremost duty of a car accident lawyer is to investigate the crash. The lawyer will collect all proofs, including accident reports, witness statements, photographs taken on the accident spot, and more. They can also reach out to the top-rank investigation officers and eyewitnesses for further details. The car crash investigation process includes the following:


● Arranging your medical records and bills
● Analyzing the crash scene
● Collecting police and accident reports
● Gathering the eyewitness statements
● Securing video footage from adjacent traffic cameras, if possible


2. Communicate with Responsible Driver’s Insurer and Negotiating with Lien Holders


In any personal injury case, your car accident attorney will initiate communication with the insurance adjuster for the other involved party or parties. It is vital for the plaintiff’s lawyer to have clear communication and be on friendly terms with the adjuster. If you receive benefits from a health, disability, and workers’ compensation insurer, the insurer will have a lien on your claim. A lien means that the lien holder receives the payment before you do. This is a vital job and your car accident lawyer will take care of the matter.


3. Car Accident Attorneys Deal with the Insurance Companies


After experiencing a painful car accident, you might not feel comfortable dealing with troublesome insurance company agents. The insurance companies would try to convince you in their ways and offer you a lower compensation amount than you deserve. As pro-business agents, they are not likely to pay you large sums of money. Your lawyer can handle the matter on your behalf to protect you from further trouble.


Therefore, it is essential to find an efficient car accident attorney if you want to obtain fair compensation. An expert Orlando Car Accident Attorney has years of experience dealing with complex personal injury cases and giant insurance companies. They will fight for you on your behalf to reach a fair settlement. In Louis Berk Law firm, the lawyers do not charge fees until you win the accident claim.


4. Auto Accident Lawyer Count Your Medical Bills


After experiencing a disturbing car accident, not only do you have to recover the compensation for your current medical expenses, but the accident may result in long-term treatment. A learned attorney helps you calculate your treatment cost to get an idea about your settlement reward. Your settlement claim will comprise lost wages, property damage, current treatment expenses, physical pain, mental agony, and future medical expenses and caring requirements. Your lawyer will create a list of your injuries with specific dollar amounts. Your accident claim becomes robust if your lawyer makes a detailed outline of the damages.


5. The Attorneys Negotiate for a Fair Compensation


Insurance companies try to avoid paying out on a larger scale. Even if an insurance company offers a settlement package, it is mostly lesser than your actual claim worth. An accident lawyer ensures you do not settle for a low offer through negotiation. As experienced lawyers are knowledgeable regarding various aspects of your case, their ways of reviewing and countering any settlement offer by the insurance company are unique. In case the insurance company refuses to negotiate, the attorney can proceed directly to the court trial.


A car accident can result in severe damages. If you have been a victim of a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer. You do not have to talk to insurance company agents, negotiate for the settlement, and investigate the accident independently. Your lawyer will guide you throughout to receive fair compensation for medical bills, physical pain, and lost properties. You can consult our Orlando Car Accident Attorneys at Louis Berk Law firm for further insight and suggestions.

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