Can Someone Sue for a Tire Blowout Accident in Florida?

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Ever noticed strips of blown tires littered along the road? You didn’t care much then. Tire-blown incidents can cause serious injuries or property damage. This article covers the critical aspects of tire blowout accidents and why you can’t brush away the deadly nature of tire blowouts! If you want to know the liabilities and laws related to tire blowout accidents or looking for an Orlando Car Accident Attorney, read the article before taking any step.


How dangerous is a tire blowout accident?


If you have never heard of a tire blowout accident lately, you should read these reliable reports:


Tire blowout accidents are reported as one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expressed that tire blowout accidents reported every year are over 75,000!. (Tire Blowuts)

The Rubber Manufacturers Association has surveyed vehicles and found that about 69% had at least one underinflated tire.


It is high time we realize the bitter reality. However, the newer automobile models come with technology that indicates the pressure of each tire at any given moment. Nevertheless, it is the duty of the car owner or the driver to manually check the tire pressure as a part of their maintenance. Negligence to this duty can bring serious consequences.


What about the person injured by a negligent driver that has caused the tire blowout accident? Florida encloses a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, which means you don’t have much time to take legal actions or prove the other party’s negligence after a personal injury accident. Generally, the time limit is four years, with some exceptions. In some incidences, tire blowout accidents can cause death, where the penalties could be severe. Therefore taking the help of an expert Orlando Wrongful Death Attorney is essential to get your loss covered.


Within the time limit, the injured person should prove the person’s negligence and support their claim with evidence such as witness statements, police reports, or expert witnesses. Therefore, taking an expert attorney’s help immediately after a tire blowout accident would be life-saving!


What is expected from a driver?


Generally, people don’t give too much attention to their tires unless there’s a problem. The drivers can begin with a simple inspection that includes looking for any changes to their shape. If any changes are observed, they should drive to a local gas station to get it checked. However, carrying out annual inspections and regular tire rotations ensure safety.


The drivers are encouraged to follow the Tire Maintenance Safety Tips provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to ensure they take the vehicle’s best care.


They are also expected to avoid the conditions that might cause a tire blowout. Some of them include the following:


Negligent in checking the tire pressure


Overloading the vehicle


Negligent in inspecting the shape of the tires


Not following the vehicle’s manufacturer’s instructions.


Is it always the driver held liable for a tire blowout accident in Florida?


Not necessarily! The circumstances are considered to determine the liability in tire blowout car accidents. In some cases, the driver is not negligent at all in that he carries out an inspection before every ride. He reports it to his owner, makes sure they are perfectly inflated every time, and has them appropriately rotated. However, he ran the vehicle through some debris and caused the accident. In such cases, the driver may not be liable for the accident due to the facts.


The case considers other factors, such as whether or not the driver was speeding down the highway that caused the tire to blow out. How old are the tires? Who was the manufacturer, when were they installed, and who installed them? The driver is liable if he did not change the bald tires, ran 25,000 miles on them, and never cared about rotating them.




The complexity of personal injury claims varies from one case to another. Also, the statute of limitations exercised in Florida imposes significant pressure on the injured person. Furthermore, the prevalence of PIP insurance is also considered in case of accidents. Therefore talking to an expert attorney is the best way out when you are involved in a tire blowout accident in Florida.

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