9 Tips to Avoid Vehicle Accidents in Florida Rain

9 Tips to Avoid Vehicle Accidents in Florida Rain

Did you know Florida has been ranked the 3rd most dangerous state in the USA to drive vehicles? On top of that, it comes under one of the top 5 rainiest states in the U.S. As per the Federal Highway Administration, approx. 10% of car accidents occur due to excessive rainy weather. Whether you are a resident or a tourist in the state, you must maintain a few tips to maintain road safety and avoid accidents to reach your destination. This article delves into the most useful ways to keep safe while driving in Florida. If you get injured in an accident while driving in the rain due to bad weather or another driver’s negligence, the Injury Attorney Orlando is here to help you. Let’s know first how to avoid the entire scene.


Follow the 9 Ways to Avoid Car Accident Injuries


1. Drive Slower than the Speed Limit


High speed is one of the significant causes of car accidents, and the situation becomes more threatening during the rainy season. One of the easiest ways to avoid accidents in the rain is to slow down your car. Wet tires lose a substantial amount of traction, and the braking power doesn’t remain the same when they are dry. In the rain, you have less control over your car; therefore, it is advised to slow down the vehicle to prevent any mishap.


2. Get Your Car Checked Before Driving


We often forget to get our vehicles checked before going for a drive. You must take care of your vehicle maintenance. It is crucial to check the headlights, windshield wipers, and brakes before driving in the rain.


3. Turn On the Lights and Windshield Wipers On


When you know that all the systems are working properly, make sure you turn them on. During the rainy season, seeing the road and other vehicles is extremely difficult. Headlights and wipers help you see the road clearly, and other drivers see you. According to Florida Traffic Laws, the headlights should be clean, and you must replace the windshield wipers once a year.


4. Keep Distance from Other Vehicles


When driving on a regular basis, you must keep a safe distance between your car and other vehicles in front of you, especially when the road is wet. If you find a vehicle abruptly stopping before you, you might not control your speed due to the lack of traction on your vehicle tires. It needs more time to increase the distance from the car before you in the rainy season than average time.


5. Check for Water logging


It is to avoid driving in the waterlogged area, even if it appears to be a small amount. The natural wear and tear of the water damage the roads easily, causing danger for vehicles. Avoid driving through areas where electric lines have fallen into the water. It is always safer to choose a route that does not have standing water.


6. Avoid Hydroplaning


At times, it is unavoidable to drive through standing water which can cause your car to hydroplane. Hydroplaning occurs when your car slides uncontrollably on a wet road. You may have a car wreck on the spot. Therefore, taking precautions to keep your vehicle safe from hydroplaning is essential. Avoid sudden brakes.


In case you find yourself hydroplaning, it is advised to take your foot off the gas. Don’t bang on your brakes, as it can cause your vehicle to be out of control. Keep your calm and steer in the direction your car takes you.


7. Reduce Glare while Driving at Night


One of the most important ways to drive safely and avoid accidents in the rainy season is to reduce glare. When it rains, clear vision keeps you safe. Headlights and windshield wipers are not enough to drive safely at night; it needs the elimination of any additional glare that can affect vision.


8. Keep the Hazard Lights Off


In Florida, turning off your car’s hazard light when driving in the rain is illegal. If you feel unsafe on a wet road, wait for the rain to lighten up and continue driving.


9. Keep a Check on Pedestrians and Cyclists


Always be alert and look out for pedestrians and cyclists on roads in the rain. It’s hard to control your speed if you suddenly find them in front of your car.


Final Reflections


No matter how many times you’ve driven the same route, you must be extra cautious and aware of your surroundings in the rain. If you have been in a car accident in the rainy season, connect with our Orlando Accident Attorney to help you through the legal procedure following an accident. Louis Berk Law Firm deals with cases on a contingency basis. Call us today to discuss your matter and get the right solution.

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