6 Ways to make sure you win your Slip and Fall Case

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in USA

Slip or fall accident is very common, and people get severely injured from them. The reason for such an accident can be the negligence of the property owner. Besides, the other reasons are liquids, winter issues, and more. The first thing that you must do is ask yourself – who is responsible for this accident? If it is not you and someone else is guilty, you can file a personal injury case against the at-fault party. For this, you need to consult with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney who helps you in this journey to win a slip or fall accident case.


An attorney understands the need for solid documents to prove the accident in slip and fall cases. He/she addresses critical components and makes you aware of different legal terms and the entire procedure. Here are the six tips that you can follow for winning a slip or fall case.


Document your fall:


It is a long process, and you must concentrate on every single factor that causes the accident. Identify the evidence to prove that the property owner is responsible for the accident. Generally, the court considers a few factors to determine whether the property owner is responsible for the accident or not. The court checks whether the property owners take careful steps to avoid slipping or tripping incidents.


It is also important to establish that the property owner is aware of the accident-prone condition and does not take any fixing steps. Your attorney also tries to find out whether the dangerous condition remains for a length of time and whether the property owner has reasonable time to fix it or not.


You need to know note the place of your accident, whether it is at a commercial building or residential property. Pay attention to the surrounding circumstances and take note of any visible defects that cause your accident. Here, defects can be torn carpeting, flooring level changes, poor lighting, narrow stairs, and more.


Along with all these details, you need to mention your shoes and clothing at the time of an accident. Otherwise, the at-fault party may blame you, citing your fault for the accident.


Preserving other evidence:


After your fall, you must find witnesses who are present at the time of the accident. Note down their statements and contact details. It will help you make your case even more strong. You must take photos of your accident location. It is an important factor that you must not miss. After your accident, you must visit a doctor even if your injuries are not very severe. Sometimes, people feel pain a few hours or days after an accident. So, your doctor knows how to treat your injuries, reducing the possibility of future pain.


Personal injury claims include an array of factors, and you need a specialized attorney for handling different personal injury claims. likewise, you must consult with a Florida Truck Accident Attorney if you have experienced a truck accident. It is a very complex area because a truck accident has multiple perspectives.


Hiring a lawyer:


Even if you can represent your case legally, you need a lawyer who can handle a critical aspect of the law perfectly. You can make a list of lawyers offering legal help for personal injury cases. Ask your friends and family members to narrow down your list. You can further research the professional qualification and experience of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney to get the best name for your case.


Discussing the fee structure is another essential thing. Hire someone who works on the contingency fee structure instead of hourly basis fees. The outcome of personal injury cases is unpredictable. So, in the contingency fees structure, you pay your lawyer when you win the case. Generally, your lawyer charges a percentage of the compensation as fees.


Prepare your case:


Consult with your lawyer and explain everything honestly to him/her. Hiding any detail from your attorney can reduce the possibility of winning, even if some details may not go in your favor of you. submit everything that you have collected as evidence, including photos, witnesses’ statements, medical bills, and more. Always listen to your attorney and follow the instruction. Personal injury cases go through a long process of negotiation and trials. your lawyer will work hard to help you get the maximum compensation.


Discuss the mediation process with your attorney:


Mediation is a process where a third-party works as a mediator to convince the opposing party about a settlement. Sometimes, an outsider’s view of the incident can resolve the issues faster, and the settlement happens outside of the court. Remember that you must speak with the mediator alone. Before going through this process, you must consult with your lawyer.


Understanding the breach of duty:


You must understand the duty of the property owner so that you can get complete detail of breaching of duty. When a property owner neglects the duty of taking care of the premises for avoiding any accident, you can file a personal injury claim for your fall and slip. Some other reasons for your accident can be inadequate lighting, improperly set mats, electrical hazards, fire hazards, and more.


These six factors can enhance your winning chances in a personal injury case. You must consult with a coveted law firm that helps you with legal requirements. Louis Berk Law Firm has been helping people who get injured by the negligence of others. We provide legal support for car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip & fall liability, and more. Please contact us to know more details.

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